Egg-o-meter - A Better Egg Thermometer - B004XNMH92

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  • Better guage the temperature inside your eggs

  • Temperature sensor is embedded inside a synthetic egg

  • This allows the temperature reading to more accurately relfect what the real eggs are experiencing

  • This lets you better adjujst your thermostat

  • Includes Min/Max memory and built-in alarm

  • Do you know what's wrong with the typical incubator thermometer? They display the current temperature inside the incubator (at least, the temperature in the incubator where the thermometer is), but they don't show the actual egg temperature. Now, anytime you have a thermostat that is regularly turning the heat source on and off, you are going to get variation in the incubator as a regular part of the heating and cooling cycle. This cycle may be just a few minutes or several minutes. Well, the thermal mass of your thermometer is most likely very different than the thermal mass of your eggs! So the variation of temperature in your thermometer is different than what the eggs are actually experiencing. And which one matters more??? Obviously, the variation in your eggs! That's why we developed the Egg-o-meter(tm). It is designed to more accurately read what's happening inside your eggs! And that's what really matters when trying to get the temperature correct in your incubator. How does it work? It's pretty simple. The temperature sensor is embedded inside a synthetic egg which more accurately resembles the thermal mass of the eggs you are incubating. In this way, the temperature fluctuation that the sensor reads more closely resembles what your eggs actually experience. This allows you to better adjust your thermostat to get the desired temperature in your eggs. * Thermometer reads the egg temperature * Built in alarm can be set to alert you when temperatures go above or below a set range (set to one degree increments) * Min and max memory lets you know what temperature range your eggs have been exposed to since you last checked * Sensor is attached to a wire so you can mount the thermometer in a location convenient for you * Unique thin design allows you to lay on top of eggs, stand up, or attach to metal with magnets on back * Flip out stand makes it easy to stand on top of incubator or wherever is convenient * Select it to display in F or C *

    Egg-o-meter - A Better Egg Thermometer! - B004XNMH92